"Of all the writers I've worked with over the years, yours was the best product. You worked independently, met the deadline, and did a wonderful job..."

Ashley Ginn, Director, Marketing & Public Relations, Carolinas HealthCare System


“An impressive and creative writer with a passionate ability to cultivate relationships is how I would describe Amanda. While working with Amanda, she consistently delivered new ideas and clearly demonstrated a high level of communications skills.”

Randall Hitt, Director of Marketing, North Carolina Center for Non-Profits


“Amanda intuitively gets the message you want to convey and writes it in a way that sounds as if it came out of your own mouth...only better.”

Leslie Palmer, COO, Clarke Allen Group 


“Amanda is clever, concise and to the point.  Exactly what you need in a time when no one seems to take the time to read any more.”

Kent Youngstrom


“Amanda has an amazing gift of using words to make the story real.  She is able to draw the reader in, to live in the moment of her story.”

Martha Whitecotton, President, Levine Children’s Hospital


“Amanda has the ability to capture an audience brilliantly with her writing. Whether she is writing for a large publication, creating web content, or creating press releases, she has always proved to be the best of the best. With a great sense of humor, Amanda has the ability to make any company look like the expert in their field by providing content on their behalf. Not only do I look to Amanda to perfect the writing that comes through my desk, I also love nothing more than reading her pieces for my own pleasure. 

Alexis Levine, Partner, Savvy Media


"Well-researched, professional and quick-witted -- we use Amanda for all of our writing and editing!"

Misty Meadows Mitey Riders, Inc.


“When I started my online daily newsletter, I immediately sought Amanda's insight as to how I could make it more interesting and capture more audience attention.  Without hesitation, she provided me with wonderfully creative and insightful ideas and I will be forever grateful.  Amanda is literally a genius with words and is one of the most creative and kind people I have ever met.  I've often wished that we had a chance to work together on a more permanent basis!”

Brooke Gibson, www.waxmama.com


“Thank you for doing such a great job on the article you wrote on our firm, Eastover Investment Advisors.  You obviously are very talented and have a great future.”

Donn Toney, Managing Director, Eastover Investment Advisors