I wrote my first novel about a boy who saved his little sister from being swallowed by a giant wave during their family beach trip.  The novel was published by Cherry Run Elementary, thanks to the diligence of my editor and 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Minton. 

I later went on to graduate from George Mason University with a B.A. in Communication, and am presently attending Queens University in pursuit of my M.F.A in Creative Non-Fiction Writing.   Prior to pursuing my present vocation that allows me to work in my pajamas, I worked in both corporate (Freddie Mac and Spherion) and agency (Tribble Creative Group) environments. 


About Me, the writer.... 

My condo, car, and closet are a mess but I find ultimate satisfaction in organizing and simplifying content.

When it comes to effective communication, I believe interpretation of your audience is more important than interpretation of your subject. 

I strive for sophisticated content with simple language, instead of the reverse. 

The best writing is heard when it is read.

I believe when writing to sell, the less you say the more they’ll read. 

About Me, the person....

I find nothing more fascinating and rewarding than coaxing someone I barely know to open up to me about the way they think.

I aspire to have a home and backyard fit for multiple boxers and two pot bellied pigs.

I am an Aries in every sense of the word. 

I find cruelty to animals and children intolerable. 

In personal relationships, I am more concerned with peace than justice.

I am acutely aware of my mortality and experience very little anxiety in life because of it.

I am also outrageously impatient and experience brow furrowing frustration because of it.

With nearly three decades of practice, I am learning to think before I speak. But sometimes, I just can’t keep my mouth shut.

When I die I hope people will remember me as someone who made them laugh and someone they could talk to without judgment.


About Me, the brat...

I get goose bumps in the shoe section at Nordstrom’s.  

I am obsessed with the Real Housewives series on Bravo.

In order to survive, I must dance on top of a couch in a dark club to loud, DJ remixed music at least once every three months.

I love cosmetic enhancements and make no efforts at trying to conceal the fact that I’ve had many.

As the plane begins its final decent into Vegas...this to me is bliss.